Our 2016 season is a wrap!

With the help of our many sponsors, we held 5 successful events this year on rivers and lakes throughout much of Indiana.  But what really tells the story of the popularity of kayak fishing in Indiana is the numbers.


Pink: 2015 Indiana Kayak Anglers events. Green: 2016 Indiana Kayak Anglers events.

Looking at the average number of anglers per event, 2015 saw 23.5 while in 2016 our events averaged 48 anglers representing a growth rate of 104%.

In 2015, we saw participation in events by 65 unique anglers throughout the season.  In 2016, that number grew to 138, a growth rate of 112%.

So what does this all mean?  This means that 2017 could be even bigger!  We’re planning earlier this year for the 2017 season and would appreciate feedback and suggestions from our anglers.  Additionally, we’d love to hear from retailers and manufacturers that would like to join us on this journey and support our efforts to continue this path of growth in Indiana.  Visit the contact us page to send us a note or join in discussion on our Facebook Group page with over 1000 members!